Sea Green Games


Sea Green Games is Jon Dadley - freelance Unity developer

I am a multi-discipline Unity developer with 10+ years industry experience. I have a strong background in software engineering. scripting and design and with a proven history of shipping multi-platform AAA games, rapidly developed titles, arch viz and solo independent titles.

Check out my portfolio to see more and feel free to contact me.




I have years of professional, commercial Unity experience. Starting with Unity 4 running all the way up to the most current beta releases. I have broad knowledge and experience of the engines features as well as a strong software engineering / C# background.


I have been developing with VR since it's nascent days with the Oculus DK1 all the way up to modern era with Oculus Rift CV1, HTC Vive & Samsung Gear VR commercial experience. I have also been heavily involved in the VR community, giving a talk at the inaugural VRTGO conference and co-organizing the quarterly VR Manchester meetup. 


With years of professional design experience on AAA titles, I have a keen understanding of what makes for strong design. Be it level design, mechanics, "game feel" or polish.

Arch Viz

In recent years I have delivered several arch viz products for clients, primarily in VR. I've learned how to offer clients unique value through experiential interactive experiences that simple CGIs cannot deliver

Transmission 20180724204540.png


Unique Experience

My career as both a software engineer and designer and across 4 industries (gambling, gaming, VR & arch viz) has given me a broad skillset. 

Flexible rates

My rates are flexible to meet the needs of your project. Whether it's a indie project with a limited budget or a larger corporate project we can find something that fits everyone.

Compelling Work

My work speaks for itself. Check out my portfolio and then get in touch!